Tuesday, September 02, 2014

USS Saratoga Sold for One Cent

USS Saratoga being towed

From Naval Station Newport RI, the decommissioned USS Saratoga aircraft carrier was towed to the Esco Marine ship recycling plant in Brownsville TX.
Esco Marine is being paid a penny by the Navy to dispose of the Saratoga. It plans to make money by selling what it recovers from the ship.[…]

The Saratoga — named for the decisive battle of the American Revolution fought in upstate New York — was commissioned in 1956 and completed 22 deployments before it was decommissioned in 1994. It was off the coast of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, off of Vietnam during the Vietnam War and in the Persian Gulf during the first Iraq War. It arrived in Newport in 1998 and fell into disrepair.
Veterans attended a farewell ceremony last month.


Wireless.Phil said...
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Wireless.Phil said...

That is a shame.
Lot of history in that ship, but too expensive to updsted and maintain it.


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