Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wikipedia Text Disappears on My iPad

In long Wikipedia articles, I recently found that sections towards the end of the article were not readable on my iPad; only the section titles appeared. If others are experiencing the same frustration, this may be your situation:

You are still using iOS5
Your iPad automatically defaults to the mobile version of Wikipedia
You've probably found you can no longer copy and paste text from Wikipedia articles

Upgrade your iOS
Keep using iOS5 and go to a short Wikipedia article, scroll to the bottom, tap "Desktop," then use the Wikipedia search engine. Future searches will normally default to the desktop version. (Deleting the "m." from the URL sometimes works also.)

Note: Some will say, "Just upgrade." I've used both iOS5 and iOS7. It's a trade-off: Using iOS5 (which I prefer) with a few apps that no longer work, or upgrading to a system I don't care for.

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