Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

Some things just make no sense.
Bruce Jenner has thrown caution to the wind and is ready to go public with his sex change gender transition into becoming a woman.

After months of speculation, Bruce is telling the world what many already knew—he has long yearned to be a woman, and he finally decided, on his 65th birthday, that he is making his dream come true.
Jenner is 65 years old and he's an Olympic decathlon champion, so it's a mystery of what possesses him to want to wear lipstick and pantyhose.

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Doom said...

I thought he was funny a long time ago, the haircut, even in the 70's (was it?), and the 'tude. I just didn't know which way that went. Now I do. Bleh. As to dress up? Nah, just wants man sex that "isn't gay", I would guess.

What happened to just dying at retirement? I didn't get to, but I was a bit too young, maybe. And it wasn't from lack of effort. He will never be a woman. Wait until the weedwhacker and realization. Meh, that's what the partial feminizing lobotomy covers, I suppose.


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