Monday, October 20, 2014

Camel Kills American in Mexico

Richard Mileski

(Yucatan, Mexico) A 60-year-old American and owner of a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico, Richard Mileski, has been mauled to death by a camel weighing over 1,300 lb.
Investigators wonder whether the animal became enraged because it did not get its daily dose of Coca Cola.

Monday saw the camel as usual in his enclosure in the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary wildlife park, Yucatan, Southern Mexico, when it suddenly went for the owner, Richard Mileski, a 60-year-old US citizen.

"The camel kicked and bit him practically to death, and when he was almost dead, he sat on him," said Tulum civil defense official Alberto Canto. "Between the blows and the weight of the camel on top of him, he was asphyxiated."
Rest in peace.

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