Friday, October 24, 2014

Carolina Teacher Accused of Switching Child's Meds

Stacey Rademacher Kolmodin

(Fayetteville, North Carolina) A 31-year-old teacher formerly at Glendale Acres Elementary School, Stacey Rademacher Kolmodin, has been arrested for allegedly switching out medication prescribed to an 11-year-old child she had been babysitting.

Kolmodin faces counts of child abuse, larceny, trafficking opiates and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.
Investigators said Kolmodin took Tylenol with codeine liquid out of a prescription bottle and replaced it with a liquid that was a similar color.

The child, who the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said suffers from numerous medical illnesses, had to go to a local hospital after having an allergic reaction to what authorities called "the counterfeit medication."

Kolmodin was a first-grade teacher at Glendale Acres Elementary School until April, when she was arrested on drug charges after a school official discovered her allegedly snorting a "powdery substance up her nose" at her desk, the sheriff's office said.

Investigators said she also has a history of illegal drug activity that includes "doctor-shopping" to get prescriptions for Percocet.
Kolmodin was booked into the Cumberland County Detention Center with bond set at $31,000.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The Tylenol will kill her, liver can't handle it.


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