Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Climate change now 'irreversible' - claim

One wonders what drives the guy to make these unfounded prophecies. The only evidence he offers is the old theory that rising CO2 levels will have catastrophic effects -- despite the fact that markedly rising CO2 levels have had NO effect for the last 18 years.  He does say that CO2 for some reason takes 40 years to have an effect but that is a strange claim -- well outside the usual Warmist models.  It is however a safe claim: He may well not live long enough to see his theory disconfirmed.

He also thinks chemtrails are “geoengineering” the planet and that 9/11 was a controlled demolition.  He also lives in a straw house in the middle of the woods surrounded by animals.  A paranoid schzophrenic would be my guess

The climate change message is just depressing, no matter what way you look at it.  Best case scenario, we all have to change our lives dramatically, just to keep us vaguely on the right track.  Worst case scenario - were all doomed.

Unsurprisingly, that's a hard message for scientists to get us all to listen to, which might be why Professor emeritus Guy McPherson is a teacher of natural resources, ecology and evolutionary biology, but is also a grief counsellor on the side.

Prof McPherson taught and conducted research at the University of Arizona for 20 years before leaving the university in 2009.

He will be speaking about climate change in guest lectures in New Zealand from October 22 to November 1.

You can catch Prof McPherson at an event co-organised by AUT's School of Social Sciences and Public Policy and the Pacific Media Centre in Auckland on October 22 at 5.30pm.

Tonight on the Paul Henry Show, he explains that due to the arrogance of humans, the damage done is too far along and now irreversible.

Now, the only way to help planet Earth is to "terminate industrial civilisation".



Doom said...

Help the earth?

Now, while I think his prediction is about to come true, I regret it. I do not believe it is based on pollution or man's corruption, simply that the sustainable tech pinnacle was reached and surpassed without building the human resource capacity and wealth creation necessary to maintain. The further we go beyond our means, the harder the fall. There are other issues, including the economic pressures this guy and his ilk have inflicted on the scarce and becoming scarcer capacity for modern societies to survive.

As to helping the earth, again, that is silly. The earth is the apple, we are the seeds. There is no helping the natural consumption. Further, we are so far from even beginning to use the "apple", that this will not be a problem before the distance between the earth and the moon becomes a problem. Tick...



tock. Bleh.

Wireless.Phil said...

They admot it here! It the natural cycle of stars and our sun, which is a star.

The lie about global warming in this "sentence below." Why the sun seems hotter now. More of suns heat getting to earth.

""This radiation is usually deflected, partially at least, by the sun's magnetic field — but that field is hitting some of the lowest levels in a century, part of a natural cycle stars like ours go though now and then.""


Bad Cosmic Weather Could Boost Danger of Manned Mars Missions


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