Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fireball Whisky Recall

Fireball Whisky

European standard for whisky is more restrictive than U.S. standard.
Fireball Whisky is being pulled from shelves in Europe because it contains too much propylene glycol – an additive that prevents evaporation and is a stabilizer in foods.

But it’s not going anywhere in the United States.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have recalled the popular cinnamon-flavored drink after a batch of the North American recipe, which contains higher levels of propylene glycol, was shipped there, its manufacturer said on Tuesday.

Officials in Finland say Fireball liqueur is prepared according to North American food regulations but does not meet the requirements of the European Union’s tighter standards on propylene glycol.
Reportedly, Fireball Whisky is very popular.


Doom said...

If I were of the bent, that would be a perfect opportunity for a new bootlegging operation. Just... a thought. Some other things I would consider, or at one time, would be haggis to the US (and young "blue" cheese, among other cheeses and foods), and back when amaranth was outlawed in the states. Little stuff, just a bit out, but highly lucrative, perhaps. Not sure about haggis, but between foodies and transplants, and a few other groups, in the right region...

This is not advice. It is not a suggestion. It is just noting that, some things that are essentially legal but not quite, would make perfect fortunes for those who walk softly into black markets. Blue market, perhaps?

Wireless.Phil said...

Search for propylene glycol msds.
Material Safety Data Sheet
Surprisingly, its Kosher.
Made by: The Dow Chemical Company
Its Propylene Glycol Antifreeze & Engine Coolant. Used in window deicer.

Doom said...


And? If it is allowed, at any levels, as with all poison (which is everything), what is your point? Toxicity is based on dose. Even water, in several ways, can be lethal at various doses, in various ways. Should we ban water? Actually, someone set up a sign up sheet for that, and many people did sign it. You?

Ignorant, lock-knee, hop-jumps. Look, if you want to find seed of original grains, grow them yourself, along with any meats... also feeding them on "organic", non-modified (what hasn't become extinct through diseases and such) grains and grasses, and... Do it all yourself, and I will believe you have a point. Though, my guess is, you will quickly find that untenable. Tenant farming, eventually, is what you will be doing. Impoverished for idealistic food, or with slaves to that resource. Otherwise, I just consider such as babble. I doubt if you know what you put in your stomach, daily. Less so if you like it and don't care, on particular items... or if it is easy to put in your face.

When no one in the world is starving, then, yes, lets look at improving food quality. Until then, I really don't like to hear rich (you and me included) people smacking down on food while living in glut. It reeks of... evil.

Wireless.Phil said...


Didn't say is was ok.
I said Surprisingly, its Kosher.

I believe that is the same poison is in the bowel cleanse you drink before your colon check.


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