Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chicken Protest

(Berkeley, California)
An animal rights group staged a funeral for a singular frozen chicken in the meat and deli section of a Berkeley, California, grocery store.

The group, Direct Action Everywhere (DAE), posted the event on their YouTube channel earlier this month. In the video they chant their mantra, “It’s not food, it’s violence.” The group placed a single frozen chicken into a casket big enough for a human.
Everybody has to have a hobby, eh?


Wireless.Phil said...

The hell with these vegetable eaters.
I eat only vegetables, I end up with a stomach ache.

The Big Jub Jub said...

Let 'em eat cake....

Doom said...

Do they not know? Grains scream when being harvested, and vegetables warn each other when being culled. Now, I don't disagree. Food is violence, and the more delicious for it. I just favor the meat side of things.

Big Jub Jub,

Cake? No, that is violence to. Let them eat water and sunlight. After everything living in it has been murdered, anyway. Wouldn't want the precious tulips to hurt their karma. Or, send them to NorK where they know how to feed complainers.


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