Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Texas Teacher Suspended for Racist Tweets

Vinita Hegwood

(Duncanville, Texas) A second year English teacher at Duncanville High School, Vinita Hegwood, has been accused of sending racially charged Tweets from her personal Twitter account.

Reportedly, Hegwood has been suspended without pay. Examples of the offensive Tweets include:
"Who the (expletive) made you dumb (expletive) crackers think I give a squat (expletive) about your opinions. #Ferguson Kill yourselves," read one of the messages.

Later that evening another tweet appeared, saying, "You exhibit nigga behavior, I'm a call you a nigga. You acting crackerish, I'm a call you a cracker."
English teacher, eh?


The Big Jub Jub said...

All Right! Smooth Talker...

Grant Haas said...
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