Thursday, November 13, 2014

Virginia Woman Accused of Impersonating Optometrist

Christine Lee Kim

(Newport News, Virginia) A 26-year-old office administrator who works for an optometrist, Christine Lee Kim, has been accused of staying after work and using the facility to see patients, despite not being a doctor or licensed optometrist.

Kim faces counts of embezzlement, forging prescriptions, unlawful practice of optometry and practicing a profession without having a valid license.
The owner of the business noticed more than 50 pairs of glasses and sunglasses were missing and contacted police about possible employee theft, said police spokesman Lou Thurston.

During the investigation, detectives determined Kim had also fraudulently written prescriptions, Thurston added.

Kim is not a doctor and does not have any medical certifications or formal medical education, according to authorities.
Details on booking not available.


Tez said...

Very short-sighted of her !!!!

Wireless.Phil said...

Hay bitch!
This ain't China!


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