Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Mistletoe Drones

Drone dangles mistletoe above kissing couple

(Sheepshead Bay, New York) Flying drones indoors is asking for trouble.
TGI Friday’s much-hyped “Mobile Mistletoe” drones drew first blood in their New York City debut on Dec. 4 at the chain’s beloved Sheepshead Bay location when one of them hit our intrepid photographer right in the face.

The two remote-controlled helicopters dangling sprigs of mistletoe were intended to spread holiday romance, but one of them flew out of control and clipped Courier photographer Georgine Benvenuto in the nose with one of its spinning, uncovered blades.

“It literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” said Benvenuto, using tissues to stanch the blood. “It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin.”

Benvenuto said she’s just thankful she wasn’t blinded in the name of love.
Sooner or later, I predict the indoor flying of drones will be tightly regulated.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Must have been OK'ed by one of those with a low I.Q.


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