Monday, December 08, 2014

Most Vegans Change Their Minds

Just when herbivores — be they vegan or vegetarian — thought they had all this good mojo going into the holidays and didn’t have to make that hapless “I’ll start dieting” resolution, comes some bad news and buyer’s remorse.

According to the Humane Research Council, more than 84 percent of all veggie lovers relapse to the tune of a steak dinner. And then, Che Green, executive director of the HRC, provides the Captain Obvious moment of 2014:

“It’s obviously a negative for animals.”


Doom said...

Actually, it isn't bad for animals. Those animals which do not prove useful to men, where men are, generally cease to exist. From wild to even domestic. Hunters, in the US and in Africa at least, pay much into the preservation through license, gun and ammunition purchases, and other things.

Culling animals for meat ensures their long term survival on a planet with limited resources. Again, the left has it wrong.

The Big Jub Jub said...

So many of those PETA types have leather shoes and boots

Wireless.Phil said...

Culling deer her soon, no preditors, we already killed them off long ago.

Food banks and soup kitchens get the meat, but hides?

I wouldn't minds a deer skin coat of jacket, but you never hear what happens to the hides.


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