Monday, December 15, 2014

New Age Education by Planned Parenthood

(Lafayette, California)
Students at one northern California high school are learning more than just the birds and the bees.

Along with local area groups, some parents are irate that their children’s sex ed class at Acalanes High School in Lafayette is being taught by employees of Planned Parenthood without their prior knowledge.

They are also fuming over the methods and materials being used, including a checklist that asks students if they are “ready for sex” and another worksheet that describes how to give and obtain consent, as well as a diagram that uses a "genderbread" person for lessons in gender identity.

“[Parents] are very concerned,” Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal organization that is assisting the concerned parents, told “Planned Parenthood is not exactly the best when it comes to putting young people first.
OK, so 13/14-year-olds are subjected to the genderbread crap. Frankly, I think the parents should complain loudly and repeatedly.

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Wireless.Phil said...

New Age fool$!
Yes $$!
The bastards will bitch about any thing just so they can sue and try for $, and the assholes will give it to them just to shut them up!

Bring back the draft,damn it.
In time of war, they can still be called up, from what I've read.


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