Monday, December 22, 2014

NYC Mayor Under Fire

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio sat in the front pew at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday, head bowed at times, with his wife on his left and the police commissioner on his right.

The crowd had come, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan said, to mourn the two officers killed in an ambush in Brooklyn on Saturday.[…]

“We pray for our leaders as well,” the cardinal said, looking toward the mayor’s row. “You’ve done what so many New Yorkers do in times of trial. You’ve come to St. Patrick’s.”

At the helm of a grieving New York, still raw from weeks of protests amid a national reckoning over law enforcement and race, Mr. de Blasio faces his biggest test yet.

The mayor, who does not attend church regularly, did not speak publicly on Sunday. His administration said he hoped to convey, in subdued terms, the need for unity in the city.
Many folks believe that Mayor de Blasio is decidedly anti-law enforcement, ready to throw cops under. Expect his response to be uninspiring pablum, just squishy mayoral huffy-puffy horse manure.

All the while, de Blasio has been silent about the murders of two New York City policemen.

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