Friday, February 06, 2015

Washington Teacher Accused of Child Rape

Darcy Smith

(Seattle, Washington) A 41-year-old teacher at McMicken Heights Elementary School, Darcy M. Smith, has been accused of having sex with a former student who lived at her home.

Smith faces three counts of child rape.
Prosecutors say Darcy M. Smith, 41, had sex with the boy when he was 14 and continued to have sex with the former student until he moved out of her home at age 18.

He is now 19 and told police about the abuse in May 2014. While Smith was allegedly having sex with her student she was named regional teacher of the year in 2012.
Smith was put on leave from her teaching position in August 2014. Arraignment is scheduled for February 12.

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So, I guess he found God?


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