Friday, March 06, 2015

Italy Threatened by ISIS

Italian Secret Service

ISIS expanding?
According to recent reports, the Italian Secret Service fears an air attack by ISIS, compounding the already existent danger of terrorist infiltration among with throngs of immigrants coming to Italy by boat from neighboring Libya.

Several days ago, the air defense system went into high alert after the secret service sent a notice.

The notice spoke of aircraft prepared to take off from Sirte and able to strike the Italian peninsula. Though this has not yet occurred, tensions remain high because of the strong risk of an attack carried out by “lone wolves” as occurred in Paris and in Copenhagen.

The State official responsible for the Secret Services, Marco Minniti, said that ISIS has what he called both “symmetric and asymmetric” capabilities, in that it can execute “both military and terrorist campaigns.” According to Minniti, this means that the ISIS threat holds the “maximum unpredictability,” which is “unprecedented.” Minniti also said that the dynamics of the situation makes necessary “comprehensive data collection.”

Specifically, Minniti has called for the immediate implementation of a Europe-wide sharing of Passenger Name Records (PNR) on all flights, exchanging pertinent information especially regarding n passengers that trigger suspicions, because though the Schengen open treaty should not be suspended, “it is essential to maintain control of who moves in or out of the theaters of war.”


Doom said...

I know nothing of their qualifications or real functional capacity... so don't take this incorrectly, but...

Their outfits look like they are straight out of some graphic comic book, or darker parts of more recent history. Take your pick. Not sure if it's accurate, but I was thinking Flash Gordon... comic book/graphic novels. But I've been out of that scene for a long time. Not sure if memory is off. Just... chuckling, if not really judgmentally... Art, reality, humor.

Wireless.Phil said...

Look at the bullet vest, not bullet proof to rifle rounds.
Plus everything below the belt is wide open. Any shot there, they go down.


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