Friday, March 27, 2015

Top Gear Cans Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

Following reports of an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack," BBC has officially dropped Jeremy Clarkson as host of Top Gear. (Technically, BBC simply decided not to renew his contract, which ends this month, but the reasons are clear.)

Top Gear is a global sensation. Though it first aired in 1977, the show as it's known today launched in 2002 after Clarkson and producer Andy Wilman pitched a new format to the BBC. The show now airs in over 200 countries and is one of BBC's most profitable shows, according to Reuters. The BBC itself estimates a worldwide audience of 350 million.
Frankly, I suspect the jettisoning of Clarkson heralds the demise of Top Gear as a highly-rated program.


Tez said...

I agree, Clarkson WAS Top Gear!

Wireless.Phil said...

They "tried" to kill him off once before.

Made it look like he drove a car off a mountain cliff accidentally.
We all knew it was fake.

Then the crap down in S. America, Chile, I think. Just a B.S. lie/prank.

All planed,he wanted off.

Maybe health reasons?
Not enough money from the show?
Wouldn't or couldn't renew his contract, so he faked the punch and bailed.

Make it look like he was fired to get out, all so his fans will have sympathy and they bring him back at or near the money he asked for.

TV, movie biz is tough sometimes, dog eat dog, faked b s!


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