Monday, April 13, 2015

It's not poverty after all!

The Left's all-purpose explanation won't do for sex crimes. Latest academic findings below. And it's "whole of nation" data, not requiring sampling, which makes the findings exceptionally firm. Sex offending is 40% genetic and only 2% related to home background. 58% is all other causes -- so the genetic influence stands out.

As findings in the life sciences go, the effect of genetics reported below is huge. Medical researchers greet odds ratios of less than 1.00 with celebrations and ululations (e.g. here). The odds ratio of 5.1 reported below would leave them gasping. Many would never in their entire research career see a ratio that high

So let me summarize the findings below in plain language: Some people are born bad

Out of political correctness (All men are equal, you know), the authors below would no doubt object to that formulation -- but that is what their numbers show

Sexual offending runs in families: A 37-year nationwide study

By Niklas Långström et al.


Background: Sexual crime is an important public health concern. The possible causes of sexual aggression, however, remain uncertain.

Methods: We examined familial aggregation and the contribution of genetic and environmental factors to sexual crime by linking longitudinal, nationwide Swedish crime and multigenerational family registers. We included all men convicted of any sexual offence (N = 21,566), specifically rape of an adult (N = 6131) and child molestation (N = 4465), from 1973 to 2009. Sexual crime rates among fathers and brothers of sexual offenders were compared with corresponding rates in fathers and brothers of age-matched population control men without sexual crime convictions. We also modelled the relative influence of genetic and environmental factors to the liability of sexual offending.

Results: We found strong familial aggregation of sexual crime [odds ratio (OR) = 5.1, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 4.5–5.9] among full brothers of convicted sexual offenders. Familial aggregation was lower in father-son dyads (OR = 3.7, 95% CI = 3.2–4.4) among paternal half-brothers (OR = 2.1, 95% CI = 1.5–2.9) and maternal half-brothers (OR = 1.7, 95% CI = 1.2–2.4). Statistical modelling of the strength and patterns of familial aggregation suggested that genetic factors (40%) and non-shared environmental factors (58%) explained the liability to offend sexually more than shared environmental influences (2%). Further, genetic effects tended to be weaker for rape of an adult (19%) than for child molestation (46%).

Conclusions: We report strong evidence of familial clustering of sexual offending, primarily accounted for by genes rather than shared environmental influences. Future research should possibly test the effectiveness of selective prevention efforts for male first-degree relatives of sexually aggressive individuals, and consider familial risk in sexual violence risk assessment.



Doom said...

That would be a paper which might be quite interesting to review. I don't think I have access. I have some great doubts whether they are giving out raw data, either.

The funny thing is, the two (main) sides which would choose to bury such data do it for different reasons. The knowing side, because they already realized... knew... this. They have reasons for enhancing that behavior. The other (main) side, as an 'offspring' of the first side, because they have lived with blinders, having been indoctrinated by that first main side, that they don't know, and wouldn't believe even with the data right in front of them, in an unquestionable manner.

Not sure if this study is legitimate, having controlled for all factors well enough, though I suspect it is close (enough). The question, of course, comes down to, if it should be very accurate and precise, what to do about it. And, yes, in time, there will be something done if the data is correct. Science, when it ends up being created, isn't either a good or a bad thing, only a tool. And it does lead to other dilemmas. And corruptions. Is it rape if it is a genetic defect, is that a defect, and what can be done to that subset of potential offenders?

Interesting. I am very surprised this piece of research made it to publication. I am curious... is that true of both males and females? This site has dedicated itself to exposing the 'softer side' of pedophilia/rape. Interesting.

Wireless.Phil said...

Guess who?

VIDEO: Woman assaulted at CLE gas station

Newly released surveillance video shows a violent attack at a Cleveland gas station.


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