Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lobster and Steak Receipt

Not mine, in fact, I've no recollection of where I found it. However, it seems to tell a story.


Wireless.Phil said...

In some states, not much longer.
No more tattoos or nice lady undies either.

California used to give them a card, take it, get cash. They did, went right into the damn Cassino!

Wireless.Phil said...

Here in Ohio, they have to buy food, then sell it to get paper products, soap, or their dope, booze or tobacco.

Politicians try to live on the monthly amount, but forget about toilet paper and soap.

Only food is allowed, some food even I refuse to buy because the price is crazy, but "they" get it free, well, sort of free, we all pay for it in taxes.


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