Friday, May 15, 2015

Animal Rightists Steal Lobsters

(Dublin, Ireland) Animal rights activists stole 9 lobsters from a Chinese restaurant.
Customers were finishing off their meals when the animal activists entered the restaurant asking for a table, while others sneaked behind them to take the animals.

After nine lobsters were hurled into a bag on May 8, unknown to the Dublin restaurant owners, the activist calmly walked out of the restaurant holding a large banner.

A member of staff spotted the empty fish tank only after the activists left the premises and began to chase them along Dublin's busy shopping streets.
The activists reportedly released the lobsters into the Irish Sea.


Wireless.Phil said...

Here's the YouTube

Wireless.Phil said...

After thinking about this down at the pub tonight...

My problem with this news report.

How does one (or more) run down the street, cut the lobster clamps, which are nothing more than rubber bands, and still toss the lobsters back into the sea?

I call it fake, lie news story from the news source.

Lots of bobbing up a nd down while running.

Plus, where these lobsters from that part of the sea, or caught in a totally different environment?

I'm just not buying the whole story as its presented.


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