Saturday, May 09, 2015

Boy Smuggled in Suitcase

Boy Smuggled in Suitcase

(Madrid, Spain)
An eight-year-old Ivorian child was found hidden in a suitcase that was smuggled across the border into Spanish territory in North Africa, an official said on Friday.

The child was in a case taken by a 19-year-old woman through a pedestrian crossing from Morocco into the small Spanish-governed territory of Ceuta on Thursday.

“My name is Abou,” the boy said immediately in French when civil guards asked the Moroccan woman to open the wheeled suitcase.

She had aroused suspicion at the Tarajal crossing into the Spanish north African enclave as she seemed uncertain on her approach to the pedestrian checkpoint.

The guards ordered her to place the suitcase on the scanner and the screen operator saw the unmistakable outline of a human form inside.
A 42-year-old man reportedly confessed to trying to smuggle his son into Spain. He was arrested.

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