Sunday, May 24, 2015

Death from Hash Oil Explosion

(Portland, Oregon)
A medical marijuana patient sued Shell Oil, claiming it sold him butane that exploded, burning him and killing a friend as they tried to make hash oil.

Kevin Tveisme, who has a medical marijuana card, sued PacWest Energy, Shell Oil, Hai's Shell Station and 10 others on Wednesday in Multnomah County Court, blaming them for the explosion of the odorless butane.

Tveisme says he bought four packages of Power 5X butane at the Shell gas station on SE 121st and Foster Road in Portland on May 27, 2013.

He claims defendants marketed the butane as "an acceptable 'solvent' for the residential preparation of butane hash oil."

However, "Unbeknownst to plaintiff, during the extraction process, butane can fill the vapor space, and can quickly fill and enclosed area," Tveisme says.

He blames the defendants for failing to odorize their butane, or warn him about it.
Tveisme is suing for $11,000,000.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I've read other stories about this happening, but its not the company's fault.

All the reports I've read say the danger comes from the buildup of unburned butane gas in a confined space. They go on to say leave it to the professionals who have the equipment to do it without risk.

This might be why I haven't heard from my Canadian friend in over a week?

Or he died because of his age.


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