Monday, May 25, 2015

Deaths from Flakka


(Miami, Florida)
A hazardous new synthetic originating in China is being blamed for 18 recent deaths in a single South Florida county, as police grapple with an inexpensive narcotic that causes exaggerated strength and dangerous paranoid hallucinations.

On Thursday, the Fort Lauderdale police killed a man, reportedly high on the man-made street drug, alpha-PVP, known more commonly as flakka, who had held a woman hostage with a knife to her throat.
Flakka is cheap, $5 a dose, and users reportedly act violently.


Doom said...

If the war on drugs was to be run so as to win, at some point tptb would have started offering a drug that was cheap, offered a great high, and at some point, would become lethal. That they haven't means they have no real intent on winning the war. Politicians, even governments in general, are getting rich on the black market money.

You have to either be able to strangle the source or the recipient, or you will never win a black market war. It looks more like they are just working hard enough to keep prices stable enough to keep people hooked. They aren't even considering trying to win. It's a bubble. A black money one.

Wireless.Phil said...

Here, they cut Heroin with fentanyl, the stuff that killed that idio M.Jackson, he had the liquid form.

Here, its powdered, its killed people.

As for Flakka?
FLAKKA! (and other failures of the alleged profession of journalism)
Apr 20 2015 Published by drugmonkey under alpha-PVP, Bath Salts, Cathinone, Drug Abuse Science

Flakka is just the latest in a long line of stimulant drugs that can, in some very rare cases, result in astonishing public behavior.

Such as running nude through the streets to escape "unknown people trying to kill him".

Such as trying to kick in the door of a police station to get IN so as to escape cars that were supposedly chasing him.

Such as trying to shoot oneself on a rooftop, naked.

Such as trying to have carnal relations with a tree after proclaiming oneself to be Thor.

These stories are like crack to the mainstream media. They have been telling these stories for years, encompassing public scares over PCP, crack cocaine and methamphetamine over the decades past. More recently we've seen these types of stories about synthetic cathinones, in particular under the generic term "bath salts".

Wireless.Phil said...

Videos all over YouTube.

Combo Flakka with Meth, just Flakka, crazy videos.

High on Flakka.


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