Saturday, May 09, 2015

NSA Phone Data Collection

National Security Agency Headquarters

A US appeals court has ruled that bulk collection of phone records by the National Security Agency is illegal.

Overturning a 2013 ruling, the judges did not, however, halt the programme but urged Congress to take action.


Wireless.Phil said...

Only problem, that's phone, not computer collection.

1963 Episode The Out Limits

Seens boring old black and white at first, but O.B.I.T. sees and hears everybody, knows all and sees all.
Like our government.

There is s longer version, this one is 51 minutes

Wireless.Phil said...

On another note:

Rare DC flyover, all planes

Or all types of planes from old Bi-planes to modern aircraft.

First I've heard of it.
ALSO a special section below on Victory in Europe

Photos and videos

Rare flyover in DC marks WWII day of triumph

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It was a day of triumph 70 years ago. It felt that way again Friday as 56 World War II-era aircraft buzzed the nation’s capital.

Victory in Europe

Wireless.Phil said...

And it seems everyone down in Texas has been reading and watching conspiracy web sites and videos.

Jade Helm 15

Big 6 state military training exercise.

But the citizen are afraid its military takeover or a prelude to Marshal Law.

Thats why I don't read or watch that crap.
If it happens, there is nothing the citizen can do about it anyway!


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