Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Doctor Problem

It is unclear what exactly motivated this doctor to allegedly do stupid stuff.
The Virginia Board of Medicine has temporarily suspended the license of a doctor who provided emergency medical combat training for the military, alleging he dosed students with alcohol and ketamine, had them perform invasive procedures on one another, and exploited them for sexual gratification.

Dr. John H. Hagmann, 59, is scheduled to appear in Richmond next week for a disciplinary hearing before the board. His company, Deployment Medicine International, is based in Gig Harbor, Wash., but he maintains a training facility on a farm 40 miles north of Richmond in Partlow.
Frankly, Dr. Hagmann appears to be emulating the actions of Nazi doctors in WWII concentration camps.


Doom said...

A doctor you say? Wow. What a surprise! I'm surprised the association even bothered to even temporarily stall this fine specimen of their trade. I guess they have SOME awareness that people are watching and do have those quaint notions of morality and ethics. Such stick-in-the-muds, prudes... peasants!

Wireless.Phil said...

My Veterans doctor is almost as bad, wants me to have unneeded tests when I'm not sick.


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