Thursday, June 04, 2015

Pennsylvania Woman, 32, Accused of Sex with Boy, 14

Crystal Shroyer

(Connellsville, Pennsylvania) A 32-year-old local woman, Crystal Shroyer, has been accused of sex with a 14-year-old boy who used to date her daughter.

Shroyer faces counts of statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors.
The 14-year-old alleged victim was dating Shroyer's daughter last year, until she died in June, police said.

"Sometime in early March, the victim stayed at Shroyer's residence after he ran away from his parent's house. Shroyer was hosting a party on this particular evening in early March and after interviewing Shroyer, she admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim," police said in a news release.
A court hearing is scheduled for June 15.


Wireless.Phil said...

Good God!
Worse than a biker club reject.

Tez said...

Probably a 14yo was all she could get!!

Doom said...

Yeah, I meant, the other day, to comment. When I looked at the picture, then read that she was just 32, I couldn't map it out in my mind. She looks like she is a good fifty. Rough life, one she looks hellbent on continuing.


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