Monday, June 01, 2015

Study: French Are Smelly

A new study has officially proved that French are smelly and Dutch, Germans and Scandinavians are the cleanest ones.

According to the study, 43 percent of Frenchmen and women do not shower daily, the Daily Star reported.
Sacre bleu!

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Doom said...

Daily? Perhaps things have changed, but weekly was more what was questionable not so long ago. Just not a thing for them. When I was there, if she was French, and smelled and looked good, she was a hooker. I don't know about, say, big business settings, fashion circles, or the like... just women one would meet on the street. The rest of them, well... that's what the wine was for. Of course, in Germany, the women were a cross. Clean, but you didn't have to pay. Secular Europe is a horrible place. Not sure it was better as Christian, though not sure how Christian it ever was. Peasants are what they are told to be and do what peasants do. Little different for nobles and royals. The church was often just another club to keep the lines from blurring? Bleh.


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