Thursday, June 25, 2015

Teacher Allegedly Abuses Autistic Boy

Mary Katherine Pursley

(Marietta, Georgia)
A Georgia special education teacher who was accused of holding an autistic boy upside-down and lowering him head-first into a trash can while comparing him to Oscar the Grouch says she was trying to calm the boy, not hurt him.

At a school system hearing Monday near Atlanta, Mary Katherine Pursley said the second-grader was screaming and upset April 30, and she was trying to "shake out the grouchy."

"I said I thought we were going to get rid of that trashy behavior," said Pursley.
Pursley also faces a charge of first-degree cruelty to children.

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Doom said...

You know, as much as I don't think much of teachers, and less of special ed. fakes, I think she has a point. If she was sincere, if she didn't hurt the child (at least too much... I do believe in punishment, if the child understands... children who don't shouldn't be in school as they obviously can't learn). It sounds like an honest interaction. While it goes outside of norms, she is dealing with children who live outside of norms, to be expected. Some depends on the rest of the story, but at face value, I hate to say it but I am actually on her side. Too bad that won't mean a thing to her in this world.


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