Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Nazi salute?

TThe 1930's photo below is said to show the Duke of Windsor, a British Royal, giving the Nazi salute.  What rubbish!  Like a lot of elite Brits in the 30s he did see Hitler's achievements in reviving Germany as admirable but what appears below is just a Royal wave.  The Nazi salute is straight-armed.  It is true that the salute can be given carelessly in a variety of ways that are not straight-armed but that does not prove that this was a Nazi salute.  If it did, all sorts of casual waves would have to be regarded as Nazi.  Only if the Duke were found to be giving a straight-armed salute could the Nazi accusation stick

UPDATE: A good comment from a reader:

"I agree that the Duke of Windsor is not giving the Nazi salute. If it were a Nazi salute, the Duke would be giving it as a greeting to Der Fuehrer, and if that were so, then all the other Nazis present would be giving it as well. It's just a wave to the crowd."


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Wireless.Phil said...

Found it on July 18th

"Archive footage shows young Queen being taught Nazi salute"

Doom said...

The British and German royalty/nobility were very closely related. Probably, in truth, a little more closely than modern (or any) morality might deem wise if viewed closely and honestly. In any case, with the German r/n firmly in Hitler's camp (if, as it turns out, next on the ax list), the British r/n were often quite well into Hitler's friends list as well. Not all, but certainly this one. That this one picture doesn't show a proper NAZI salute means little. I doubt if the clout knew the proper way, or reason, for one thing. Even if he did, as such elites are wont, may have done it however he saw fit. It doesn't really matter.

It's like never showing Joe Kennedy doing a NAZI salute, while ignoring the Britain was tossing him while America was yanking him, both so fast heads spun, which killed Joe's chance at politics. Thankfully he had a few sons, most of which got what he, and they, deserved. Don't go revisionist on me.


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