Thursday, July 30, 2015

  British cops investigating after three youngsters sparked a race row by 'blacking up' as golliwogs

Is that the best they have got to do with their time. They don't have the personnel to attend the scene of most burglaries but they have got time for this triviality?

Police have launched an investigation to identify three teenagers who sparked a race row after they blacked up as Golliwogs for their town's summer parade.

Two girls and a boy painted their faces black, wore curly wigs and donned distinctive red, blue, white and black costumes at the Wick Gala, in Caithness, Scotland, on Saturday.

Police launched a probe into the incident after a member of the public raised the alarm over 'inappropriate behaviour' at the gala.

Golliwogs were a character in children's books in the late 19th century usually depicted as a type of rag doll. But the term has become a racial slur applied to black people in recent years.

Saskia Leighton, 23, from Wick, Caitness, added: 'Gala is a fantastic day of the year that really brings the community together.

'It's a real shame to see that great atmosphere spoiled by a few naive, thoughtless youngsters. I hope that they have learned from this and understand that although Wick may be remote they understand what it means and why it caused offence.

Wick Gala Committee have also been contacted by police as part of their probe.

Police Scotland confirmed it is carrying out an investigation but would not comment further.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Doom said...

What needs to happen is large crowds need to do this. I mean massive crowds. Including judges, off-duty cops, politicians, and regular folk. It's just that the people who might, you know, actually work... for the most part. Yes, housewives work their pretty little tails off keeping hearth and home, if they are doing it right. Don't let feminists who laze at offices fool you.

Wireless.Phil said...

Double standard, in the 2004 movie White Chicks, two black guys dress-up as white women, some found it funny.

And this post also from huffington post

Marlon Wayans Wants To Make 'White Chicks 2' His Next .
The Huffington Post
Jun 30, 2015 - The actor, whose "White Chicks 2" poster got over 1.5 million likes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, said he's sharing the response with the

Can't be one sided!


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