Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Florida Woman with Baseball Bat

Lisa Elberson

(Lake County, Florida) A local woman, Lisa Elberson, 29, has been accused of attacking a teenager with a baseball bat do to an ongoing dispute between residents in the neighborhood.
Elberson grabbed a bat and went with her husband, authorities said. At the same time, a witness began recording video of the incident on a cell phone.

The video shows Elberson holding a bat and saying racial and homophobic slurs. She allegedly told the teenager that she would hang his family from her tree.
Elberson faces counts of assault with a deadly weapon, simple battery and child abuse.

1 comment:

Doom said...

Best be careful busting her chops. Especially if she was right. Getting very tired of people being harassed for calling a spade a spade while cops don't do a damn things about a herd of the assholes beating whites to death, not even calling it racism to boot.


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