Friday, July 17, 2015

Knife Crimes in the UK

Zombie-Killer Knife

(London, England)
Gangs are arming themselves with massive combat and “zombie killer” knives in a terrifying new trend in London, police warned today.

Teenage gangsters are brandishing the weapons in YouTube videos and carrying the knives ”almost as status symbols,” according to a senior gangs unit officer.

Det Insp Dan Brown, of the Trident Gang Crime Command, said there was a “new culture” among gangs of carrying long blades such as combat and so-called Zombie-killer knives.
Knife crimes are reportedly a big and growing problem in the UK.

1 comment:

Wireless.Phil said...

Its England, they see you with a knife, they arrest you.
Are they that stupid?

Take a knife with you when you go fishing, you must go back home and put it away.

But who follows the law?


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