Sunday, July 26, 2015

US Navy Secrets

USS Alexandria

(Groton, Connecticut) A US Navy submarine sailor, Kristian Saucier, is seemingly facing big trouble.
The FBI says a sailor took illegal photographs of classified systems on the U.S. Navy's Groton-based, nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria and later tried to destroy the evidence when he learned that the Navy and FBI were investigating.

The Navy was alerted to the security breach when the town dump foreman in Hampton found a cellular telephone in a Dumpster and decided to keep it to replace his own. When he noticed that the phone contained photographs, he showed them to a retired Navy chief, who called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

U.S. Attorney Deirdre M. Daly said Friday that a federal grand jury has charged Kristian Saucier, 28, of Arlington, Vt., with unlawfully retaining photos taken inside restricted areas of a nuclear attack submarine, and obstructing an investigation.


Doom said...

We weren't even allowed to take pictures of our boat if it was topside. There were certain antennas or other systems, which were classified, that might be deployed. Not sure I believed their reasoning. I simply never doubted their word that certain behavior could see you jacked. Upon request, photographs were available. Who was in them and what was happening had all been checked. I myself, I assure you, was never in them. Yes, I am an antenna. :p It got so deep, in so many ways, on those boats, that you didn't... you weren't sure of anything. Worse if you weren't what even you seemed to be. Still, just something to grin about, if you can handle it well enough. Mostly.

Wireless.Phil said...

Too stupid to know how to delete the photos and do a reset on the phone, t the least beat it to a pulp with a sledgehammer!

I wonder how many he sent to photos to?

Wireless.Phil said...

He's got a $100,000 bond, he's not going anywhere.
The last one got 30 years and is to be let out soon.

Wireless.Phil said...

They found a Russian sub wreck off Sweden, in all the news and Dailymail too


Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard granted parole after 30 years.


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