Sunday, August 16, 2015

How Amusing! A Warmist attack on Prof. Judith Curry that is totally lacking in substance

Unlike the Left, I am not afraid to hear what people with different opinions to mine say.  So I read a fair bit of the stuff that emanates from the Green/Left.  It's mainly amusing for its feeble reasoning and boiling anger but occasionally something seems worth mentioning.  A recent attack on Judith Curry is a case in point.

I won't reproduce the attack as it is mostly abuse and is full of foul language but I give the source below for those who wish to check.  The attempted hit-piece is by the Tony Heller impersonator, Greg Laden, and is titled "As the World Burns, Episode I: Judith Curry & Mark Steyn, Partners in Slime".  Just the title tells you most of what you need to know, I think.

So does the article parade some new climate facts?  Of course not.  Warmists basically don't have any.  All they have is speculation, lies and abuse -- like pretending that statistically non-significant temperature changes exist.

The post seems to have been inspired by the fact that a well-known and senior climatologist, Wallace Broecker, said some derogatory things about "Hockeystick" Mann. Laden wants to discredit what Broecker said. How does he do that?

He points out that Broecker does not pull his punches.  If he thinks something is crap, he says so.  He is an energetic and  fearless critic. Therefore Broecker's adverse comments about Mann reflect ill will rather than a considered judgment.

I think you can see that, when I put Laden's argument in temperate language, it just does not hold up.  There is no evidence presented to say that Broecker has ever been wrong about anything.  We don't even have a critique of what he said about Mann.  All we have is an attack on Broecker's character: How typically Warmist.  And how infantile!

Did I say " feeble reasoning and boiling anger"?


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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Wireless.Phil said...

The next jerk to jump on the bandwagon is:

Brad "Spitt": More below:

My comments:
This clown never heard of the Space Weather Prediction Center, or the Space Weather site, or the percentages of the "Actual Power Output" of solar panels or the power to produce them or how dirty they are to make!

Another blowhard pandering to the media!

Star Trib, AUGUST 15, 2015 — 11:46PM

Trending Cooler and Wetter - Brewing El Nino May Be "Historic"

The manager at my favorite Caribou leaned out the drive-thru window and shrugged. "Paul, I just moved here from Sacramento, where it's brown most of the year. I can't get used to all this GREEN!"

It's greener than usual for mid-August. Looking at data since the start of meteorological summer (June 1) the metro area is 2-3 inches wetter, and 1 degree warmer than average, to date. In spite of extreme heat or an extended run of 90-degree days - we're still trending slightly warmer.

USDA data suggests Minnesota may see a record corn harvest this year, the 3rd biggest on record for the USA. This good news has depressed corn prices. No droughts to stress the markets with uncertainty this year. A lack of late summer drying may be tied to an amplifying El Nino, maybe the biggest on record.

There IS no climate change! No Global Warming, nothing!

There is no """Actual Data"""" to back it up!!!

The earth is going through the same changes it has always gone through!

Glaciers have ALWAYS melted, GLACIERS have always caved off before man even walked on earth!

We are STILL in the warming cycle and coming out of the last ice age!

Man you people are gullible!


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