Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sales Tax Holiday

With the enactment of Senate Bill 243, Ohio became one of 16 states to declare a Sales Tax Holiday to help families with their back-to-school shopping.

This weekend, August 7-9, sales tax will not be collected on any school item priced less than $20 or any item of clothing (child or adult) priced less than $75. A list of qualifying items can be found in the FAQ page on

Although the original bill approved by the Ohio Senate was for a recurring sales tax holiday every August and included high-priced electronics items, the final version was much less generous. This weekend's holiday is a "one time only" deal.

Hopefully this is a test which will be successful and lead to future Sales Tax Holiday bills. Happy shopping everyone!

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Doom said...

I suppose they will weigh sales increases versus tax losses. Enough of one will at least modulate the other. Does Ohio have corp. tax? Even so, I think bean counters might believe that increased spending is worth a loss (pretty much everyone in D.C., right? At least as regards government spending.) As for me, anything that puts less money in the hands of bureaucrats is a good thing.

Wireless.Phil said...

Looking at the two articles in the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday.
Cleveland has the highest sales tax, I forget its either 7.5 or 8%, Lorain is at 6.5%, but they keep trying to raise it, keeps getting voted down.

You're really not saving that much on clothes, Waomart and Kmart shoes and boots are all crap from China. I had to go to Tractor Supply to find boots made in the Dominican Republic, but its still "in" America and not some crap Asian factory.

I emnded up paying the tax anyway because I bought them a few months ago, plus they were more than $75.

Most communities collect school supplies for the kids anyway, the parents only need to buy clothes and shoes.


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