Thursday, September 03, 2015

Court Rejects Chimpanzee Rights Case

(Albany, New York)
An animal-rights group's legal attempt to gain human rights for chimpanzees appears to have come to an end.

New York's highest court declined Tuesday to hear a pair of appeals from the Nonhuman Rights Project, which had argued that chimpanzees display enough characteristics similar to humans to be granted basic human rights, such as protections against unlawful imprisonment.

Mid-level appeals courts in Rochester and Albany both ruled against the group, whose cases aimed to free Tommy and Kiko, chimpanzees held in Gloversville and Niagara Falls, respectively.

On Tuesday, the state Court of Appeals announced it wouldn't take on the cases.
I agree with the decision.

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Doom said...

I suppose the courts realized too much of the population is already prone to chimping out. It might be looking at taking human rights from those who are a bit more questionable rather than granting more to similar?


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