Saturday, September 26, 2015

Teacher Fined for Stealing Rocks

A MASVINGO teacher has been fined for illegally removing 50 rocks from the Great Zimbabwe monuments in the historic city.

Nicholas Zengeya, 51, was fined $30 or 15 days in jail should he fail to pay.

He pleaded guilty to contravening the National Museums and Moments Act when he appeared before the Masvingo magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso on Thursday.

Zengeya said he was not aware that it was crime to collect rocks from national heritage sites.


Doom said...

Seems fair. Seems right. Not sure what the point was? Perhaps that the five was only $15? Just understand that many Africans live on $1 US a day, some even less. So that it half a month's (on the low end albeit) income. I even understand the teachers mistake. Love of history, and other things, can lead to mistakes of action. Good that he admitted and took the consequences, unlike to many in the West to automatically (nearly) plead not guilty when they know they are... a flaw from a flawed and worsening system and social and cultural decay.

Wireless.Phil said...

Not a few small rocks, these were 50 blocks of quarry stones.

Doom said...


Not so much. Unless he was driving a deuce and a half. No, 50 stones in his car. And I take car to be literal, further of African sorts... not the type to handle fifty really large stones. Most vehicles owned by natives there couldn't carry more than the driver and perhaps four hundred extra pounds.


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