Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Air Force Drug Case

(Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas)
The top Air Force general has ordered an investigation into the case of four pilots who were grounded after they exchanged text messages which commanders believed to be evidence of taking drugs.

Air Force Chief of Staff, General Mark Welsh, directed the US military's inspector general to look into the case of the pilots at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas.

Officials at the base grounded the pilots based on the text messages, which included lyrics from Miley Cyrus' song We Can't Stop, including: "We like to party/Dancing with Molly/Doing whatever we want."
Molly is the street name for ecstasy.


Wireless.Phil said...

Not just the airforce.

Former sailor and his wife plead guilty to selling heroin aboard aircraft carrier Bush
The Virginian-Pilot-Oct 15, 2015

Wireless.Phil said...

Any connection?

Full article US pilot killed in F-18 jet crash
Posted 3 minutes ago, Oct 21st.


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