Thursday, October 15, 2015

Colorado Woman Accused of Human Trafficking

Julie Greiner

(Lakewood, Colorado) A local woman, 43-year-old Julie Greiner, has been accused of allowing a 12-year-old girl to engage in a sexual relationship with an adult man in exchange for money.

Greiner is charged with human trafficking of a minor, pimping of a child, and sexual assault.


Wireless.Phil said...


So the hell, with the Great Barrier Reef!
Don't bother telling me about ocean acid or coral bleaching!

Australia gives green light to massive coal mine despite environmental concerns
Australia has re-approved a controversial plan for Indian mining conglomerate Adani to build one of the largest coal mines in the world. The mine has come under intense criticism from environmental groups.

Tez said...

Hey Phij, don't believe all the shit that the Greens pour at you about the reef. As far as I can tell, sifting the shit from the facts, the reef is actually in pretty good shape.After all, we were told 30 or 40 years ago that it was a goner from Crown of Thorns starfish infestations but it seems to have survived somehow.
Tez from Oz..


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