Friday, October 23, 2015

Michael J. Fox and Sports Betting

Michael J. Fox

(Los Angeles, California)
Michael J Fox was arrested Wednesday morning in relation to insider sports betting on DraftKings.

Fox aroused suspicion after achieving a statistically-impossible, perfect record on the site under the username NoChicken.


Wireless.Phil said...

I've heard of the employee who made over $350,000 from insider betting on one of those sites, not employees are banned from betting.

You'd think he'd know better, maybe his disease is affected his brain?
I don't know the first think about sports, so I'm in the clear, watching it is boring.

Wireless.Phil said...

Snopes says it's false.

Can't find anything but screwy web sites making the claim.

There are web sites out there where you can put any one's name in them and make fake stories, even kill them off.

Gordon Given said...

This was a reference to the movie Back to the Future. Supposed to be a joke. Nevermind. Y'all didn't get it. Yes, 'fake story'.


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