Thursday, October 22, 2015

Turkish Scholar Speaks on Masturbation

(Ankara, Turkey)
A renowned Turkish theology scholar has said there is no religious text banning masturbation.

Recep Cigdem from Harran University’s theology faculty recently made one of the most attention-grabbing presentations – “Islam’s approach to sexual life” – during an annual congress in Turkey on prophetic medicine.

His presentation addressed anal and oral sex as well as sadism and masochism, and included the following lines: “The hadith [says] ‘He who has an anal intercourse with his wife is accursed.’

“Allah does not look [approvingly] to those who approach men or women from the anus. Though different views exist on this issue, they are not supported by the verse. … With regard to oral sex, some Islamic scholars describe it as permissible, while others as something objectionable.
The comments were voiced at Cukurova University in the southern city of Adana.

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