Monday, November 09, 2015

Carolina Couple Report Opossums in Refrigerator

Brandon Terry and Casey Fowler

(Spartanburg, South Carolina) A local man and woman, Brandon Terry and Casey Fowler, have been arrested for calling 911 repeatedly and reporting seeing people and opossums jumping out of their refrigerator and microwave.
Deputies immediately asked if the couple had taken any drugs.

Terry and Fowler said they had not. They did however have photos which they told deputies showed "worms coming out of the floor of their vehicle" and "midgets and other people camouflaged," reports state.
Terry and Fowler displayed signs of being under the influence of something. Both were arrested.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Wonder what they were on, bath salts?

Here's another.

Cops are out of control in the US! Recently shot and killed a 6 year old boy in his day's car.

Cops murder rancher over a loose bull.

'It was a senseless murder': Family of rancher shot dead by deputies after a fight over a bull say he was 'needlessly killed' as wife recovers from a heart attack she suffered witnessing her husband's death


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