Monday, November 30, 2015

Environmental Deaths

Reportedly, environmental activists are dying in record numbers.
At least 116 environmental activists died last year while campaigning against mining, logging, water and land grabs, according to a report.

The number of deaths is rising, UK-based group Global Witness reported, with two people dying on average every week – up a fifth on 2013.

Some have been shot by police during protests or gunned down by hired assassins, its research found, while many more activists are threatened by the companies they oppose.
The defenders are being shot dead in broad daylight.


Wireless.Phil said...

Same warning goes here as for international travelers, don't join protests or demonstrations.

Doom said...

Overseas they have no rights. But that isn't anything new that they are being murdered. Only (some) modern nations don't shoot such types at their leisure. How long did Russia lock up a green peace activist group that was harassing one of it's off-coast oil rigs? While I don't agree with murdering them, I don't mind seeing them being locked up for a year or more, and required to pay restitution even to harassment costs, legal fees, plus time served... longer each incarceration. Three hits gets twenty years in the less happy prisons and these eco-thugs will learn. Terrorism is terrorism, as well. If they are doing things that are hurting workers, which many of them do in escalations, then they do deserve to be shot.

The funny thing is, the nations where they do get shot are the ones which the protesters support the communist/socialist governments. In that sense alone it is difficult to really care. The more the merrier, on many fronts.


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