Friday, November 13, 2015

Irish Woman Gets Prison in Sex Case

Gayle Newland

(Northern Ireland)
A woman who impersonated a man to trick her female friend into sex in a "complex" and "bizarre" two-year deception has been jailed for eight years.

Gayle Newland, 25, wailed as she had to be forcibly removed from the dock at Chester Crown Court to begin her sentence.

Newland, of Willaston, Cheshire, disguised her appearance and voice as she persuaded the other woman to wear a blindfold at all times when they met up.
Newland was convicted of sexual assault.


Wireless.Phil said...

Wonder if she took videos?

Wireless.Phil said...

Should look her up, she's really a very ugly woman with festering pimples on her chin.

Wireless.Phil said...

Was in Cork, Ireland back in 1999 for a class.
One evening walking towards a local pub, I saw a beautiful local woman with dark red hair coming in my direction, I should have spoke, but I was so overtaken I was speach less.

Only there for 1-week, never ran into her again.


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