Monday, November 23, 2015

Texas Baby Dies on Oven

(Houston, Texas)
[P]olice say four children were left alone Monday night and their mother came home to find one of them dead.

The two 3-year-old siblings of the 19-month-old little girl who died, J'Zyra Thompson, told authorities that one of them put the baby in the oven and the other one turned it on and made it "hot," ABC 13 reports.
OK. Can somebody explain to me how young children are left alone?


Doom said...

Not perfect, but the reality is, children are, have been, and will be, left alone. It doesn't take long for something like this to happen. The more families are separated through acts of terror against the family by the state the more these things are bound to happen. Then again, that more children don't die through accident and foolishness is sort of a miracle in any age or time.

When I was young, adults sent us out to play all day. Calling us in for lunch and we were to be home by dinner/dark. And should they have to track you down, whether through guilt by tears, the paddle, or both, you learned that not returning on time was not worth the results. It seems like every year or few years some kid got dead, one way or another, right, wrong, nobody's fault. And those were "learning" moments. Not that, for the most part, until later in life, did death have real meaning.

Why I am batting at this, is it looks like some method of getting the state more deeply involved in family matters. And I argue that more involvement is exactly why the family is dying and more children are ending up dead. Government isn't, and can never be, the solution to family problems. I would actually end family court, get the state out of the marriage process totally including regarding taxes (save write-offs for those who have children, and actually revers the marriage tax so it's cheaper to be married (just not enough that marriage reduction would be a draw for false marriages)). The state, civil and criminal law, for the most part, shouldn't be involved with the family. I would create a hands-off legal stance. A kid dies? It happens, unless it was a voluntary act (murder).

Wireless.Phil said...

Happens all the time.
Recently one woman left her baby at home to go gamble in the local bar.
In the news today a woman left a baby in an unlocked running car while her and the older child went shopping.

Only time I was ever left alone, I was 7, 8 or 9, there was no way in hell I was getting in a helicopter over the Falls, but that was back then, 50 some years ago.

Doom said...

Even when watched like a hawk, living in very rural areas and about the time you were, my brother and/or I (we were small) knocked a truck into gear (somehow, it was all manual back then, mostly) and went for a ride. And, at 10, I "borrowed" my mother's station wagon (didn't wreck it, or get arrested, short trip, and I was quite tall, about 5'10" or so by then). Things just happen, more so for kids. Not a government issue.

And my mother also used to "borrow" my grandparent's model T. I heard the various sides, from my mother and my grandfather (didn't match, 'xactly, but close enough). So it's a family thing, I suppose. Genetic? :p

Wireless.Phil said...

Should have seen my mom when I climb way up into a tree, something I did a lot growing up near the woods.
"Come down, you're gonna fall", bs.


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