Friday, January 15, 2016

Al Jazeera America Shutting Down

Al Jazeera is shutting down.
The decision to go out of business was “driven by the fact that our business model is simply not sustainable in light of the economic challenges in the U.S. media marketplace,” AJAM CEO Al Anstey was quoted as saying in an AJAM report.

“I know the closure of AJAM will be a massive disappointment for everyone here who has worked tirelessly for our long-term future,” Anstey wrote in an email to staffers.

Al Jazeera Media Networks announces that Al Jazeera America will shut down on April 30th.
Too bad, eh?

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Wireless.Phil said...

Truth is no American company, satellite or cable would carry it.
Time Warner used to carry it back in the mid 80s, but it was on in Arab so not many watched it.

Not sure when they dropped it?


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