Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Real Matt Lynch

Commercials against Matt Lynch, candidate for Ohio's District 14 US Representative, are now prevalent on TV. They show a cartoon version of the conservative Republican running for Congress and suggest that he is anything but conservative and will spend taxpayer money irresponsibly. Whoa! What?

Never believe what you hear without doing your own research! When Googling "Matt Lynch," the very first entry is an ad for a website called "The Real Matt Lynch." The website is "Paid for by Friends of Dave Joyce" (his incumbent opponent) and is wrought with inaccurate statements about Mr. Lynch's record. For example:

The website says with respect to his Pro-Life stance:
"Voted against heartbeat informed consent requirement"
Hmmm, where did they get that? Matt Lynch actually co-sponsored HB-248 "Prohibits Abortions After Detection of Fetal Heartbeat."

Matt Lynch also co-sponsored and voted FOR the budget bill (HB-59) that he supposedly voted AGAINST. There are other strange statements (i.e., lies) attacking Matt Lynch on "The Real Matt Lynch" website.

Also, check out Matt Lynch's ratings compared to Dave Joyce's ratings on the Vote Smart website.

Comparing voting records and ratings by various evaluating organizations, Matt Lynch appears to be "The Real Conservative."

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