Tuesday, April 26, 2016

British woman on trial

A 46-year-old woman who had sex with a 14-year-old boy has told the Old Bailey she believed he was 17.

Amanda Lockhart is accused of grooming the 'reluctant' boy for sex before forcing him to rub her breasts and have sex.

The court heard the youngster, who Lockhart allowed to take naked photos of her, felt he could not refuse her demands.

Lockhart, of Croydon, south London, claims she was duped into sex after the boy said he was 17 years old, even showing her his passport to prove his age.

She claims he then tried to blackmail her for £500 by threatening to show the naked photos he took to others.

Prosecutor Jose Olivares-Chandler said that, in a police interview, Lockhart 'asserted it was him not her that encouraged sexual activity’.

'The defendant admitted having sexual intercourse with (the boy) but denied knowing his true age’, the prosecutor added.

She claimed that the boy turned 'aggressive' after the tryst but she refused to give in to his alleged blackmail attempt.

Mr Olivares-Chandler said Lockhart initially got the boy to touch her legs when the grooming began.

‘He said he didn’t want to but she asked him again and he complied with her demands’, Mr Olivares-Chandler said.

She then convinced him to have sex with her in January last year, the court heard.

Mr Olivares-Chandler said: ‘She told him to go to the bathroom with her. He didn’t do so but she repeated her demand and once again he did as he was told.’

Mr Olivares-Chandler said the boy refused to take his clothes off so Lockhart undressed him while kissing and touching him.

‘He didn’t feel like there was anything he could do to stop the defendant’s sexual advances’, he said.

‘During the sexual activity in the bathroom, he took photos of the defendant who was naked on his mobile phone’, said the prosecutor.

‘He did so because he was afraid the defendant would engage in sexual activity in the future and he did so to prove to his family that it had taken place.’

The boy sent the pictures to his cousin, who then reported Lockhart to the police.


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