Friday, May 13, 2016

Alarming moment student tries to take his plaster face mask off in art class... but it's STUCK!

There's plaster in your eyes, nose and mouth and you're struggling to breath.  It's the stuff of nightmares, right?  For one man in America this became a horrible reality after an art class activity went wrong and his plaster face mask became stuck.

 He can be seen with his hands clasped to the mask, trying to remove it as others give him advice. 'Stretch your face into different facial expressions,' one lady says but he can be heard whimpering quietly behind the white plaster. 'You've almost got it,' a girl encourages, but another man is more realistic: 'Pull hard! It's not even moving dude.'

 'It's like pulling a band aid,' the first lady soothes as she moves forward to help him, 'Pull your skin away from the mask.' The woman too attempts to pull the mask off but can be heard saying, 'Oh no I broke it' as the video comes to an end"

Breaking it presumably got it off


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Wireless.Phil said...

People do this all the time (movies, TV, Etc.) but I'm pretty sure you're to put something on your face first, so it doesn't stick to you.

Heck, they used to make death masks of people, no problem there.


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