Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bungling bicycle thief gets lassoed by horse-riding Oregon cowboy in Wal-Mart car park

"A bike thief in Eagle Point, Oregon got some old-fashioned frontier justice Friday when a passing cowboy chased him on horseback across a Wal-Mart car park and brought him down with a lasso. Victorino Arellano-Sanchez, 23, found himself pursued by Robert Borba, 28, who was nicknamed 'The Lone Ranger' by spectators.

The debacle began when Arellano-Sanchez attempted to steal a mountain bike from a woman in front of the Wal-Mart. But Borba  brought his horse, Long John, out of his trailer and saddled up. The BMX bandit, who was struggling with the gears on the bike, decided to flee on foot at this point, but that only made it easier for Borba to use his lasso to bring the man down.

Borba is a former rodeo star and now works as a rancher"


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